No time for portraits

No time for portraits


Has your day not quite gone to plan? Have things run over and put the kybosh on those beautiful, sunset relaxed portraits you had in mind?

Oh well, C’est la vie, shall we move on and forget it?

No! There is always time to capture some great couples portraits. They may not be the sunset image you were after but I will make d*mn well sure that they are beautiful and creative.

My approach

As you have read from the rest of my site, I like to make pictures as they happen with as little interference from me as possible. I’m constantly movingly around, observing everything that’s going on. I tend to orbit you – the happy couple – throughout the day, which means I’m in place to find that lull – That 5 minutes where you have been left to your own devices and I can pull you aside for a quick walk in the grounds.

These fleeting few moments of peace are my favourite. You get a private chat, I get natural images of you interacting.

I find that by using these “lulls”, I can keep your portraits to quick relaxed bursts, and this mitigates the chance of missing out on your portraits.

And for the rest of the day?

As the light starts to fade…

… It’s time to start making our own light. Using a combination of speedlites and remote triggers, I focus light in the places I want it to create stunning portraits.

Beautiful relaxed portrait, Bride & Groom in reflected in Mill Pond at QUarry Bank Mill

Has it rained all day? Let’s play with some reflections using the puddles…

Relaxed portrait, bride and groom with puddle reflection

Can’t get outside? Time to do something creative with the lights available.

Relaxed portraits, creative image of bride and groom

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