Dog Portraits – Next Steps and Questionnaire

Thank you for booking a dog photography session!

Please read through the FAQs and complete the questinnaire at the bottom of the page so that I can understand a little more about you and your dog.


Responsibility for the dog

You will be in charge of your dog for the whole session and will be responsible for its behaviour and well being. I will not ask you to place your dog in an unsafe position.

If I do ask you to do something and you do not feel comfortable, please tell me. The shoots are supposed to be fun and relaxed and I would hate to put you or your dog out.

Requirements of your dog

  • Relaxed and confident in new situations and around other dogs/people. Especially in close quarters and in a somewhat chaotic environment
  • Have and “ok” sit/stay; doesn’t need to be perfect but able to sit still for a few second

Requirements of You, the dog OWNER

  • Must personally be present for the entire shoot – no “substitutes” please.
  • Must be reachable via text on the day of the shoot in case of last minute updates.
  • Must be an adult (over 21)
  • Be prepared to have fun and go with the flow – things don’t always go according to plan and we don’t want to create any stress for your dog

Who should I bring with me?

Another adult – a friend, partner or family member are more than welcome.

However, please don’t bring any children or a large crowd of people. As you will know, dogs are very sensitive to the atmosphere around them and we really want to keep the feeling relaxed and light. A large crowd of people all shouting instructions will just cause your dog confussion and stress which I really want to avoid.

What should I bring?

Please bring with you the following:

  • Some treats
  • Your dog’s favourite toy
  • Your dog’s brush

Anything else you would usually take on a walk with you such as the lead, poo bags, water bottle with bowl and a towel incase the dog gets wet and/or muddy.

Flash photography

I like to use flash in my work and you will see some fine examples of it on my wedding photography website, however, I’m a little reluctant to use it around dogs.

If you would like the “big dark blue sky” image, please let me know and we will have a chat through how we can facilitate this on the day.

What if the weather is bad?

The only weather conditions that I don’t like to work in are:

  • Constant rain (welcome to Manchester)
  • Lightning storms
  • Hail
  • High winds and Hurricanes

Sunny days, overcast, changeable showers, snow – these can and do make for some of the best conditions for outdoor photography.

If storm Dennis 2 is about to roll in, please be assured we can move to an alternative date.

Next steps

Please can you complete the following questionnaire so that I can understand a little more about you and your dog ahead of our session: