Hi, so what would you like to know?


Well, my favourite food is home-made pizza.

I’m a married man and have two beautiful daughters.

I’m a massive Formula 1 fan.

Ah, you wanted to know about my photography? Ok, so grab a beer, this may take a while…

My approach…


I get to your venue early and I leave later than agreed. Getting there early allows me to find some promising spots for quick portraits.

I aim to keep portraits short and sweet.

I like natural and un-posed images – so we might go for a short walk through the gardens and I’ll work around you. It’s usually a nice quiet moment that allows you to spend a little of time together.

I’m constantly moving around and looking for my next image.

If you want to give me a list of images you want from the day – I’m more than happy to photograph them. Please bear in mind that a group image takes about 5 minutes to set up so if you want 30 specific images, that can be two and half hours of your day… just a thought.

Please excuse my baggy black jeans and comfy shoes – they do serve a purpose – it’s very likely I will end up kneeling in bushes, crawling on floors, climbing on fences to get the creative angles that I know will look amazing so please bear with me.

A bit more about me


My top three photographers are:

  • Darren Heath – he makes beautiful abstract Formula 1 images that are full of colour and motion.
  • Thomas Heaton – He’s always chasing the light up a mountain. Love his work, envy his lifestyle.
  • Nigel Barker – Yeah I’m a closet ANTM fan – Nigel’s work is great, clean and I’ve learnt tons from him.

Just a bit more…

A massive thanks to my friend Matthew Grainger for the photos!